As a child I was always imagining, always creating. My friends and I would have contests drawing cartoon characters to see who remembered the most details. When I got into high school, Art was my favorite class by far. I loved learning new techniques and being challenged by my teacher. After high school life took over and I only created during the holidays, preferring to make gifts for my family and friends to buying them. I always felt I was giving more of myself by creating gifts I hoped my family and friends would cherish.

After the birth of my first son I was fortunate enough to stay home with him. It was then I began to rediscover my love of art and creating. Once I started painting friends started asking if I knew how to do things that I had never tried before, and I was determined to learn. I started with painting murals for friends. That grew into painting murals for local businesses. That led to painting ceramic sinks, customizing furniture, T-shirt design, graphic art for local schools and organizations, set design for plays and orchestra performances at the elementary and middle schools. I have painted for many charitable organizations and auctions, including the Houston Live Stock and Rodeo Auction and the Junior Service League of Fort Bend Sterling Ball. Since 2008, I have been a participating Houston Via Colori artist, raising money for the Center For Hearing and Speech through the annual street painting festival. I paint in acrylic, water color and mixed media on canvas, fabric and glass, and anything else I think needs a bit of color.

I have had the pleasure of creating and teaching the Masterpiece Art program for the local elementary school. The program features twelve well known artists, their masterpieces and their style of work. The children learn about each artist and do projects based on their works. The projects emphasize different techniques, materials and thought processes. I have taught in the classroom and I have organized and taught the parent volunteers to teach the projects in the classroom since 2002.

I love painting abstracts…it challenges me. You wouldn’t think it, but abstract painting is harder than painting realism. Painting from your imagination, or from a feeling, is more difficult than painting from what you see, sitting in front of you. I use everything I see as inspiration for my work. I can routinely be seen around town with my camera shooting photos of things that catch my eye, seeing the details that may be overlooked by others. I focus in on that interesting pattern or unusual “feel” that I see. My photographs catch the abstract way I see my surroundings.

My photography comes from my unique way of looking at the world and  my infatuation with details.  What started as a way for me to not forget the important moments in my life, from milestones in my childrens lives, to once in a lifetime vacations, I took thousands of photos.  Upon looking at these photos, I found that I see things completely different through the lens of a camera than most people do.  In my photos I discovered texture, repetition, simple lines, and the unusual way I view the world around me.

I am in love with color, texture, line and shape, and painting allows me to create and feel what excites me.  My paintings come from everywhere… I am inspired by a color or a word, a song or a glimpse out a window.  I love creating something from nothing, to create something see, or feel, or hear. And I have the extreme pleasure of putting my visions to paper and canvas and sharing them.

I truly love the perspective and perception of life from my artists point of view.  I have the unique ability to look at life from various angles and levels.  I can see a rainbow of color in everything I look at.  I notice line, shape, contours and textures.  I see pattern and design everywhere and I’m blessed to have the opportunity and ability to translate those observations to paper or canvas.

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